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If you're not free on that day, please tell us 2hours earlier before meeting time

Please note that we do meet-ups only from Monday-Friday.

Add extra $3.00 ; if want us help you pay first .

Supplier Scammers will be REPORTED to the police .

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ADSSians meet in school= FOC.
Admiralty to Yishun station= FOC.
Khatib to Bishan= $1
Bradell to Dhoby Ghaut= $2.50

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 7:01 AM

$4 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Black, hot pink, purple, yellow, red, sky blue and orange
Mix and match colours + $1.
Example: Black and white/ Black and hot pink

Glow in the dark studs

Puffy heart necklace
$8 each
Capping: 0/5


6:39 AM



Non-dry fit
1 for $9.50
Colours available: Black, grey, orange, red, pink, green, royal blue, purple, navy blue and light blue
Capping: 0/10

Dry fit (Solid colours)
1 for $13
Colours available: Black, red, grey and white
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Capping: 0/10

Dry fit (2 colours)
1 for $13.50
Colours available: White base with green/blue/red coloured stripes at the side and grey base with red coloured stripes
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Capping: 0/10

New Future skinnies
$17 each
Capping: 0/5

For sizes above 30 additional $3.
Colours: Baby blue, electric blue, sky blue, black, white, electric red, baby pink, lime green, bright green, light grey, normal grey, dark grey, bright purple, deep purple and hot pink.

New Future shorts
$15 each
Capping: 0/5

For sizes above 30 additional $3.
Colours: Baby blue, electric blue, sky blue, black, white, electric red, baby pink, lime green, bright green, light grey, normal grey, dark grey, bright purple, deep purple and hot pink.


4:47 AM

Mickey Mouse mp3
2GB: $41
4GB: $51
Capping: 0/4

Colours available: Baby blue, baby pink, dark pink, red, blue and white

Package includes: 1x Mickey Mp3 Player, 1x Neckstrap (It's the earpiece+Wire for hanging by the neck), 1x USB Transfer Cable (Can be used to charge through Desktop, 1x International Wall Charger, 1x Silicon Protector Casing, 1x FishBone Accessory (for coiling excess wires), 1x Instruction Manual, 1x Mickey Mp3

Pouch Specifications: 9-10 Hours Play Back Time, Interface: USB 2.0, Size: 3cm, Weight: 8g

Features: Indicator LED, Volume up/down, Next/Previous


3:04 AM

Halter tops

Bareback halter top
$7 each!
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Red, white, orange, yellow, pink, black, green, purple, grey and blue.

Racerback halter top
$9 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Black, white, red, light blue, orange, purple, yellow, grey, hot pink, apple green, light pink.

Short halter top
$8 each!
Capping: 0/10

Colours: Black, orange, yellow, grey, hot pink, light blue, white, red, light pink and apple green.

Ribbon halter top
$9 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: White, orange, yellow, electric blue, apple green, hot pink, purple, grey, black and red.

Two-way halter top
$9 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Black, white, grey, hot pink, yellow, dark blue, purple and light blue.

Tube halter top
$8.50 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Red, orange, yellow, purple, white, black, apple green, grey, hot pink, light blue, light pink.

Cross halter top
$9 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Black, red, orange, yellow, white, light blue, purple and light pink.


2:17 AM

Cross halter top
$9 each!
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Black, red, orange, yellow, white, light blue, purple and light pink.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 5:49 AM

Supply rates:

Little Miss and Mr Men tees:
$9.50/10 capping

Mixed tees:
$7.50/10 capping

Cartoon Polo tees:
$16 each/8 capping

Patent belts:
$5/10 capping

$4.50/10 capping

Slogan tees:
$10.50/10 capping

Levi Inspired watches:
$8/5 capping

$3/no capping

New Future skinnies:
$18/5 capping
Sizes above 30 is $21.

New Future shorts:
$16 /5 capping
Sizes above 30 is $19.

$24/6 cappings

Mix and match
Boyfriend shirt
Striped boyfriend shirt
Rainbow tube:
$14/5 capping
Any 5 items, 5 cappings.

Puffy heart necklaces:
$10/5 capping

Smocked tube:
$9.50/10 capping

Bareback halter tops:
$8/10 capping

Racerback halter tops:
$9.50/10 capping

Short halter tops:
$9/10 capping

Ribbon halter tops:
$9.50/10 capping

Two-way halter tops:
$9.50/10 capping

Tube halter tops:
$9.50/10 capping

Cross halter tops:
$9.50 each/10 capping

Glow in the dark studs:
$4.50/10 capping

Mickey Mouse mp3
2GB: $42, 4GB: $52/4 capping


Saturday, May 16, 2009, 10:13 PM

Mix and match
$12 each!
Capping: 0/5

Striped boyfriend tee

Colours available: Black, brown, red, white, hot pink, turquoise, pink, green, purple, light green.

Boyfriend tee

Colours available: Black, brown, red, white, pink, turquoise and purple.
Free size.


Designs available:
Olive + white pin stripes
Brown/Brown + white pin stripes


Colours available: White, grey, turquoise, red, purple and black.

Rainbow tube

Colours available: White, black, pink, yellow, electric blue, grey and brown


9:07 PM

Smocked tube
$9 each!
2 and above for $8.80!
Capping: 0/10

Free size

Colours available: Black, white, electric blue, sunshine yellow, bright red, bright green, light pink, dark purple.

46cm long
22cm chest length when not stretched
46cm when stretched to max


7:01 AM

The Electric New Paper :

By Vivien Chan
26 February 2009

YOU put something up for sale on an auction website. You arrange to meet the buyer at an MRT station.

One of you is inside the fare gate, and the other is outside.

For convenience, you pass the item over the fare gate to the buyer, and he passes you the money.

Do you know that you can be fined up to $2,000 for doing that?

The New Paper found out that under SMRT regulations, it is an offence to conduct a business transaction over a fare gate.

Earlier this month, Rediffusion deejay Gan Yeok Thiam wrote about this issue in the forum page of a newspaper.

On 18 Jan this year, the 43-year-old was waiting for a friend at the Tampines MRT station when he saw a middle-aged man pass some pastries over the fare gate to some people on the other side.

'The man was carrying a basket with some Chinese New Year pastries inside,' Mr Gan told to The New Paper.

'Some people were buying the pastries from him, and they had planned to meet there.'
Mr Gan said the man was inside the paid area of the MRT station, while the buyers were on the other side.

He saw the man hand over a box of pastries to a buyer who then paid him.

At this point, two SMRT employees approached the man. Mr Gan said he overheard them telling the man that he was not allowed to sell items over the fare gate.

So the man tapped his ez-link card and went out into the station's unpaid area.

There, he continued his dealing with his buyers.

Again, another two SMRT employees approached him, Mr Gan claimed.
'They looked like they were going to chase him away, so he quickly finished what he was doing and went back into the (paid area of the) MRT station.'

Curious, Mr Gan approached the man to find out more. The man told him he had done transactions over the fare gate before, but that was the first time he had been warned by SMRT staff.

When contacted, an SMRT spokesman confirmed it is indeed against their regulations to conduct business transactions over the fare gate.

Source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/printfriendly/0,4139,193975,00.html

The spokesman said the maximum penalty for such an offence is a $2,000 fine.

When asked if transactions are allowed if both parties are in the paid area, or the unpaid area, a spokesman for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said: 'Other factors such as the effect of business or trade on passenger flow, safety and security considerations are taken into consideration.'

So far, no one has been fined as most commuters heed the advice given by the SMRT staff.

Is this necessary?

So why is there a need for such a rule?

The LTA spokesman said: 'The purpose of the rapid transit system is to transport passengers.
'Hence, the regulation discourages the carrying of goods or articles for the purpose of trade or business, unless the article or good is taken by a person through the fare gate.'
But Mr Gan feels the rule is too stringent.

'It's not as if the man was soliciting for buyers at the station,' he pointed out.
'We're living in difficult times now. Shouldn't we be more compassionate towards people who are just trying hard to make a simple living?'

Do commuters know about the rule?

Of the 16 whom The New Paper spoke to, 11 did not know about the rule, while 12 of the 16 were not bothered about it.

But Mr Ragendran, 26, an operations leader, supported the rule, saying that it's reasonable, as 'it will inconvenience others if such transactions are carried out'.

Additional reporting by Darren Foong and Han Su-Ying, newsroom interns


Saturday, May 9, 2009, 4:55 AM


Heart belts
$6 each
Capping: 0/10

Ribbon belts
$7 each!
Capping 0/10

Patent belts
1 for $4.60 each
2 for $4.10 each
3 for $3.60 each
Capping: 0/10

Colours available: Black, red, silver, yellow, dark brown, dark blue, violet, white.


2:25 AM

$22.60 each!
Capping: 0/6

Ellina: Design 9 Instock ($21)


Friday, May 8, 2009, 2:39 AM


Little Miss and Mr Men tee
$9 each
Capping: 0/10

Designs for Little Miss tees:
1. Little Miss Brainy
2. Little Miss Chatterbox
3. Little Miss Twins
4. Little Miss Giggles
5. Little Miss Sarcastic
6. Little Miss Curious
7. Little Miss Sunshine
8. Little Miss Fun
9. Little Miss Wise

Design for Mr Men tees:
1. Mr Happy
2. Mr Mischief
3. Mr Strong
4. Mr Clever
5. Mr Perfect

Sizes for Children: 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32
Sizes for Female: 32, 34, 36, 38
Colours available for tee: White.

Mixed tees
$7 each
Capping: 2/10

Brand:Pro T

Sizes available:
30(XS), 32(S), 34(M), 36(Free size), 38(L), 40(XL), 42(XXL)
Extra $4 would be charged upon XL.
size 32 : 15.5 inches , length : 20 inches
size 34 : 17 inches , length 21.5 inches
Size 36 : 18 inches , length22.5 inches

Designs Available :
1) Superman (Black, white, electric blue)
2) Mario Mushroom (Black, white)
3) Barney (Purple)
4) Spongebob (Yellow)
5) Cookie Monster (Electric blue)
6) Elmo (Red)
7) Cookie monster's head (White)
8) Elmo's head (White)
9) Marilyn's retro face (White)
10) Little Miss Fun (Purple, light pink)
11) Chibumaru (Light pink, white)
12) Ape's head (Black)
13) Jack daniel (Black)
14) Heineken (Black)
15) I ♥ smurf (White)
16) Domokun (Brown)

Preorder 1:
Vanessa: Domokun (Brown)
Tiana: Mario mushroom (White)

Cartoon Polo tees
$15.50 each
Capping: 0/8

Label A- Monkey's head
Label B- Monkey looking at the side
Label C- Monkey Monkey
Label D- Jumping Monkey
Label E- Monkey exercise
Label F- Monkey resting
Label G- SAM
Label H- Mummy doll
Label I- Mummy teddy bear
Label J- Cookie bear smiling
Label J2- Cookie bear with sad smiling face
Label K- Teddy bear
Label L- Teddy bear hip hip hooray
Label M- Baby teddy bear with diapers
Label N- Teddy bear wearing cap
Label O- Teddy bear with ribbon
Label P- Big teddy bear's head

Design 1- Domo
Design 2- Domo
Design 3- Domo

Label A- Big fizzy teddy bear
Label B- voodoo teddy bear
Label C- cookie bear smiling
Label D- cookie bear with sad face
Label E- yellow teddy bear
Label F- grey teddy bear
Label G- hotpink teddy bear

Label A- Pussy cat smiling
Label B- Pussy cat holding a stick
Label C- Pussy cat resting
Label D- Baby fox standing strong
Label E- Choco pussy cat
Label F- Pussy cat sitting down
Label G- Pussy cat kicking
Label H- Baby fox holding a fork
Label I- Man vampire standing
Label J- vampire twisting
Label K-Mice with cheese

Label A- Superman-batman
Label B- Batman version one
Label C- Batman version two
Label D- Batman version three
Label E- Superman
Label F- Batman version four

Label A- Husky
Label B- On dog
Label C- Q dog
Label D- Chibimaru
Label E- Dog sniffing
Label F- Bob dog with girlfriend
Label G- Husky angry
Label H- Papa husky
Label I- Yusky 3
Label J- Husky dogs x3
Label K- Ultraman flying x2
Label L- Baby ultraman 1
Label M- Baby ultraman twisting
Label N- Baby ultraman kicking
Label O- Baby ultraman posing
Label P- Baby ultraman action

Label A- Cinnamorall
Label B- Cappucino
Label C- Espresso
Label D- Chiffon
Label E- Mocha
Label F- Milk
Label G- Keroro
Label H- Tamama
Label I- Giroro
Label J- Kururu
Label K- Tororo
Label L- Baby alien
Label M- Baby alien's shadow x2
Label N- Baby alien's head
Label S- Baby doll

Label A- Momobuta piglet
Label B- Black and white piglets
Label C- Piglet's head
Label D- Piglet waving
Label E- Piglet showing it's butt
Label F- Piglet sitting down
Label G- Piglet oink
Label H- Piglet giggling
Label I- Piglet turning it's head
Label J- Polka dots piglet holding a paper fan
Label K- Piglet's head(2)
Label L- Piglet showing temper

Slogan tees
<$9.50 each!
Capping: 0/10

1. I may not be perfect but I am always me.
2. I will be your future you will be my past.
3. Every tear, there is a story behind it.
4. Don't blame me, my evil twin did it.
5. I am the evil twin.
6. Good girls are bad girls that never get caught.
7. Mind your own business and stop reading my t-shirt.
8. I am the best girlfriend of the year.
9. Anything boys can do, girls can do better.
10. Being loved is better than loving someone.
11. Don't interrupt me while I am talking crap.
12. i am single, just don't tell my boyfriends.
13. Two boyfriends are better than one.
14. A boy like you needs a crazy girl like me.
15. Always late but worth the wait.
16. Don't stand beside me I am not your dear.
17. The guy beside me is my brother.
18. Smile if you like me.
19. Why are all the good men either gay, married or broke!
20. Stop looking at me I know I am pretty.
21. It's amazing how you can knock me off my feet.
22. What guys can do, girls can do better.
23. A broken heart may never recover fully.

Colours available:
Black, white, pink, grey, yellow and green.